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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With Alphera, it has never been easier to finance the car of your dreams. But if you still have questions − the answers are here.

What does Motor Equity insurance cover?

Motor Equity insurance can cover you up to the limit chosen for the financial shortfall that may occur if the comprehensive insurance payout does not cover the loan balance still owing on your vehicle – potentially thousands of dollars.

What does Price Protection insurance cover?

Price Protection insurance covers you for the financial shortfall up to the chosen limit that may occur in the event of an incident where your vehicle is declared a total loss and the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance payout is less than the purchase price of the vehicle – potentially thousands of dollars.

What does Tyre and Rim insurance cover?

Alphera Tyre and Rim Insurance covers the tyre if accidentally punctured or damaged or suffers a blow out as a result of it being driven over potholes, kerbs, nails, glass, screws and road debris. This cover also includes and damage to the wheel rim to the extent that it is physically damaged or warped, or as a result of it being driven over potholes, kerbs or other road debris.

Is it possible to change the terms of my agreement?

We understand that during your agreement, your circumstances may change. For example, you may want to increase the amount you pay each month or have a lump sum that you'd like to pay into your agreement. You might even wish to change the mileage agreed at the start of the agreement. Whatever the change, please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.

I want to keep my vehicle but cannot pay the full final balloon. Can I re-finance this?

We may be able to look at re-financing this final balloon payment for you (subject to underwriting criteria being met). Please contact our Customer Services team who will be able to help.


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