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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With Alphera, it has never been easier to finance the car of your dreams. But if you still have questions − the answers are here.

Where can I apply for credit at Alphera Financial Services?

You can call us on 0800 639 269. You’ll need to have details of how much you owe, what savings and assets you have, your income and your outgoings to complete the application. You can also apply for finance at any one of our 80+ motor vehicle dealerships located around New Zealand. Contact us now for your nearest dealership location.

What information will I need to provide when I apply for credit?

To apply for credit, you will need to provide all of your personal and contact information, as well as your place of employment and income, residential status, and driver’s license information.

What the difference between a Loan and a Finance Lease?

− Funding a your new vehicle with an Alphera Loan allows you to free up capital, to place a deposit into the contract, either by way of cash or trade-in and to select a term and repayment plan to best suit your requirements.

− With Alphera Finance Lease, you can tailor a monthly payment to fit your budget. GST-registered individuals can claim a portion of each payment as input tax. Non-GST registered individuals are able to spread the GST payment over the term of the contract without incurring extra interest charges.

What vehicles does Alphera Financial Services finance?

Regardless of whether you are seeking a lease or a loan: we provide finance solutions for car and motorbike brands no older than 10 years − both for new and used vehicles.

How can I obtain the amount of interest paid on my contract?

You can obtain the amount of interest paid on your contact by contacting your authorized Alphera Dealer or by contacting ALPHERA Financial Services on 0800 639 269.

Can I repay my loan by cash deposit?

Alphera FS are no longer able to accept cash deposits through their banking partner for repayment of your loan. Please call us on 0800 639 269 to discuss and set up an alternative payment method.


You have found the car of your dreams - here you can find the way to finance it.

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