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Important terms − the Glossary

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Business lease

A lease of personal property to (1) an individual to be used primarily for business, commercial, or agricultural purposes or (2) an organisation, such as a partnership, corporation, or government agency. The Consumer Leasing Act and Regulation M do not apply to business leases.


An agreement under which the vehicle owner (the lessor) permits its use by a customer (the lessee) for an agreed upon period of time (the term).

Lease rate

The interest rate used to compute your monthly lease payment.


The party to whom the vehicle is leased. In a consumer lease, the lessee is you, the consumer. The lessee is required to make payments and to meet other obligations specified in the lease agreement.

Tax leasing benefits

Leasing payments are operating expenses that are fully tax deductible if a vehicle is used solely for commercial purposes. You can reduce the trade tax, income tax and corporate income tax. For private customers, leasing a vehicle may have GST advantages compared to buying one if no payments arise based on the calculated residual value.


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